Let´s go work-OUT-side! URBAN Bootcamp

Do you like to challenge yourself and do you like to push yourself to the limit? Then this is your class. All the elements and ingredients of a challenging uplifting Bootcamp in 1 hour. A high intensity training to take you to the next level. Burpees, Mountain climbers, Jumpsquats are some of the calorie-killers on the BootChamps menu.


This class is for the real tough men and woman who like to challenge themselves and go the extra mile! No excuses here and giving up is not an option. You are constantly challenged and motivated to give it your best.
Like all the BootChamps-classes this class also is based on the Primal Moves. We still get stronger, burn calories, improve our endurance and get toned. You will get fitter and stronger than ever!!


A typical URBAN Bootcamp session includes:
– Steps and stairs
– Kettlebels
– Tubes
– Ropes
– TRX-suspension
– FUN and Games
– Challenges
– Bodyweight exercises
– Balls

Let´s go work-OUT-side!

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