Your first step at BootChamps. Improve your fitness and lose weight!

The word “Bootcamp” only already makes people run away or make them sweat. No worries, Bootcamp is not as tough as it sounds. Ofcourse it’s challenging, ofcourse you’re going to sweat and ofcourse you have to put a little effort in it. But even if you’re totally inexperienced and it’s your first time Bootcamp ever you can attend in an BootChamps session. Here is your FOUNDATION Bootcamp


FOUNDATION Bootcamp starts at the beginning. An ideal start to improve your basic fitness on a responsible way under the supervision of an experienced and qualified personal trainer. By doing nice individual, partner and group exercises, you will achieve quick results. You will become stronger, fitter and because you will stimulate your fat burning system you will lose weight.


All sessions are in the open air and since it’s sunny most of the times you will experience how nice it is to be outside. The body absorbs vitamin C, D and E which makes you feel happier and gives you energy! Everybody is at the same physical level so you don’t have to be afraid to fail. We always train as a TEAM but the results are your own! Soon you will notice the difference in strength and condition. When you think you’re ready to make the next step you’ll progress to the next level. The URBAN Bootcamp

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