Your favourite OUTDOOR Training with MATERIALS!

Like in all of the other classes at BootChamps in a Circuit class we also train the whole body but this time we involve MATERIALS as well :-) This 60 minutes during workout is something totally different compared to a regular Bootcamp class. We set up a couple of different stations where you focus on a different part of the body or musclegroup. The good thing about a Circuit workout is that you work in your own pace on your own level. Still have a lot of FUN while working-out on elevating MUSIC.

Other reasons why you should train with the Ladies:
– TRX suspension
– Kettlebells
– Dumbells
– Battle ropes
– Medicine balls
– Tubes and bands

During the week BootChamps offers 2 Circuit classes. Tuesday and Friday morning from 09:00 – 10:00am we have a magnificent total body Circuit set up for you in Parc Ciutadella:-)

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